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Zofia Rydet, photograph from Sociological Record (1978-1990), 1987

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Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller - Mädchenbildnis in Ischler Landschaft mit Rosen im Schoß (Antonia Seemann), Detail (1833)

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Audrey Hepburn in Burgenstock,Switzerland,1955

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(week 7 spring term) Still sick, still studying. Nothing can stop me! Leftover birthday cake is definitely helping. Also, my financial aid finally came in! Late March really brought me good things and I’m all organized now for the start of April. We’re nearing the midpoint guys - keep going!!

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Inside the Church of the Sign (Dubrovitsy)

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WIP. Setting aside an hour everyday until Saturday to work on a personalized greeting card for my mum on mother’s day (because I’m a broke ass student and I can’t buy her anything haha but hey it’s the thought that counts, right?)

What are your gift plans for yo mommas this mother’s day? :)

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abbotsford house gardens, scotland

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